Since 1999, we “communicate” your company and your business, in a clear and incisive way

Play STUDIO – graphic design
When image counts, yours counts more.
We start from the company, selecting the aspects which have to be conveyed, so that the brand could be clearly perceived.
Then, the creation of logo, company identity and the right image will make your company simply unique. Your communication will be incisive and exciting, always able to amaze and catch the eye, because our goal is “to reach your goals” together.

Play DIGITAL – print different
No more limits for the print size.
Last generation digital printing and more than ten years of experience for “Wide format” prints at lower prices and in short time. Your “visual communication” will be printed on high quality materials (such as wood, plastic, glass, iron, canvas and fabrics), in very large formats. Walls, exhibition stands, shop windows, modular furniture for shops, bars, exhibits and fairs: now, communication has no boarders.

Play WRAP – change your skin
We “redress” your world to make it unique as you are.
If you decide to “change your skin”, with PlayWRAP you can give a new appearance to interiors and exteriors of your business offices, house, shop or car, by customizing them in a quick and cheap way, with astonishing esthetical results. The best materials on the market, resistant to wear, dirt and water, a quick and a non-invasive preparation to wrap the surfaces will leave their sign.

Play EVENTS – for your business
Be unforgettable, you will be remembered…
Your customers and collaborators will pleasantly remember your perfectly prepared events; success is guaranteed: from space planning, supplier research (even catering company research whether necessary) to advertising campaign organization, nothing will be left to chance. With a well organized event you will build long-lasting partnerships.

Our team

We are a team of industry specialists and lovers of their work. We study the needs of our customers by creating tailor-made projects in the smallest detail for a successful insight.